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A total Lunar eclipse will occur during the night of Wednesday, February , The eclipse will occur in royal sign Leo in Magha Nakshatra. Retrograde Saturn conjunct the eclipsed Moon. It's an indication showing that relationships and family life will be liable to have negative effects and there might be a feeling of sorrow. Saturn opposes the Sun looks threatening and it may affect the ruling class, person on high position and also the elders.

You can use this cosmic energy to make positive changes to your daily routines. It is the right time to improve your work conditions. If your love is true, there's nothing to worry. The desire to achieve larger goals in life may eclipse your pleasure-seeking activities.

Your children may be passing through their own changes and require more attention now. Your house, family matters, and other such issues will need serious attention. The demands of your personal life are now extremely important. Cancer Sun Sign Jun 22 - Jul 22 There can be some sort of drama in your surrounding, modes of transportation, neighbors, or siblings. Leo Sun Sign Jul 23 - Aug 23 You may get a celestial push to make essential financial changes in your life. Family issues come into focus. Now is the time to take care of your own needs without covering the needs of others.

It may be a good time to change your image and redefining your personality. It is a good time to put your needs first, but with due respect towards others. You've been busy with all sorts of everyday activities till now, but it's a time to balance your life with some down time, otherwise you simply don't feel whole. Scorpio Sun Sign Oct 24 - Nov 22 Your friendships, your relationship to groups or organizations will be tested.

You're now seeking support from friends and group activities. The issues related to your elder sibling may also come into focus.

List of 18th-century BCE lunar eclipses

Career matters come to prime focus. You may require performing on the highest level and it's best to keep your cool and do whatever you can to show your capability. Your hunger for adventure or learning new skills may come into focus. The issues related to long journeys and pilgrimage may also come into focus. Aquarius Sun Sign Jan 21 - Feb 18 Some issues regarding your spouse's income, or your taxes and investments may occur. Venus moves into Capricorn on the 3 rd and spends the month in the territory of Capricorn that is sensitive to time, boundaries, and respect.

Eclipses: Tables

Honoring others through respecting their personal needs and time will be deeply appreciated. Venus will be at the midpoint between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn at the new moon. She is the go between for negotiating freedom, travel, and strong opinions with time tested and accepted expectations. If what you want seems unattainable Venus in Capricorn will be busy biding her time as she figures out the plan of action.

The wisdom you will be tapping into during this cycle of the new moon will bring you a glimpse of what the future will hold in and beyond. We are at the end of a year cycle that has been earth oriented, which has seen us through the industrial age, the age of building and manufacturing and about to enter a year cycle in Air, intellect and wisdom. This long cycle Jupiter Saturn conjunctions in air has not happened since the 13 th century.

The Jupiter Saturn conjunctions in air will continue every 20 years until ! This will be a major shift with humankind towards a more inclusive world that values knowledge. Mars will be in Taurus for 6 weeks bringing the tenacity to work on projects until they are completed. The Virgo full moon expresses the deep longing for a purposeful life well lived. There is a pull to seek meaning in the work one does, or the time one has on the planet that will make a difference.

Astrological Significance of the Eclipses

What is special about the full moon this year is Venus, the natural seeker of pleasure and happiness, is caught between Saturn and Pluto. Venus in Capricorn traveling from Saturn, being serious about what one wants, moving towards Pluto, who always demands some type of transformation is suggesting that much of what was important to us in the past may no longer bring the same satisfaction and we will be embracing something that will hold more meaning in our lives. Mercury is with Neptune this full moon, a time when connecting with cosmic wisdom is greater.

Music, meditation, and general alpha state day dreaming brings deep intuitive knowledge to the conscious mind. Chiron enters Aries on the 18 th and will remain in Aries for the rest of the year. You may begin to feel impatient with getting over difficulties from the past.

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As if there is a voice within that screams, enough already, let it go. The upside is moving beyond people and situations that no longer serve you or are harmful to your emotional well-being. The downside is friends not being quite as sympathetic to your laments about being mistreated in professional or romantic relationship, echoing the get over it vibe and move on with your life. The positive vibes of February move us into March with greater clarity about who we are, what we want, and how to get there.

The month begins on the heels of the lunar eclipse January 31 st in Leo, we will be in the eclipse season. Life can bring significant change during eclipse times. February has potential for shifts in relationships and work. Mars in Sagittarius exactly square Neptune are dominating this eclipse pattern. Stay away from those with colds and flu as Mars Neptune can indicate viruses and infections. Keep a check on accepting every invitation; intentions may be honorable but following through on promises can be difficult.

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  5. Venus in sweet Pisces is seeking harmony and longs to find time for movies and music. With the help of the sextile to Saturn simply put it in the calendar and you are making memories. The solar eclipse in Aquarius more than anything else is about stepping out of the ordinary and claiming your life as authentically yours.

    Mars enters Scorpio

    Freeing self from out dated obligations to reaffirm the essence of what your soul incarnated to experience is the opening we have during this time. The planets are continuing to be direct all month. In march we begin with the initial retrograde that will culminate this July August with 6 planets retro. Make us of this month to push ahead with projects and know that a time is coming to slow down and work on the details.

    Take advantage of the open energies in February before the tide starts to turn in.

    Scorpio February 2017 Astrology Lunar eclipse Leo Solar eclipse Pisces

    Listen to your intuition on what and where to put your effort. The moon, Mercury and Sun enter into Pisces from the 16 th forward, following the lead of Venus. Abstract, intuitive, artistic, poetic, compassionate expressions are well-favored at this time. This time is great for dreaming big and for expressing ideas in a big way. This aspect can also bring other challenges to love, money, or expression.

    This often makes the challenges that come easier to push through. It is common with squares to Jupiter that motivation or follow through can be challenged or lacking so look out for this theme especially in the first half of February. February 6 — Venus in Aquarius Sextile Uranus in Aries — this aspect can bring boosts to your social life, love life, finances, and artistic expression. It is a great aspect for making money decisions or launching something new in love or business. It can sometimes bring displays of ego and self-righteousness.

    The best advice for this time is to be conservative with your commitments and expression. It could also come with a tendency to overestimate your capacity to follow through with something you are promising. Try to adjust your commitments at this time to focus on under-promising leaving more likely the chance that you will over-deliver instead of the reverse.

    Group or team focus expands in wonderful ways. Mars square Neptune opening the channels to creative energy. Mercury in Aquarius Sextile Uranus in Aries can enhance communication and expression and find futuristic resolutions to old problems and Venus in Pisces Sextile Saturn in Sagittarius bring abstract ideas into form in wonderful ways.

    Anything requiring intellectualizing flows well.